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A healthy lifestyle simply means doing things that make you happy and feel good. At Totally Lifestyle we believe that you deserve the best products at the best prices in order to enjoy an healthy life!

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Totally™ Back Stretcher

Our Totally™ Back Stretcher uses the power of gravity to stretch, decompress and realign the spine. This increases the space between each disc in the back, relieving the strain on lumbar discs and reducing the pressure and tension on nerves. All it takes is 10 minutes a day for instant relief from back pain.

  • I had a slipped disk and been in pain for a few days, as soon as my Totally Spine & Back Tool™ arrived, I tried it out and after laying on it for about 1 minute I was able to get up and stand straight. If you have lower back problems this is a must have.

    - Brenda, 38

  • I have treated countless patients with mild to severe back and neck pain symptoms. I always recommend the Totally Spine & Back Tool™. It is hands down the easiest and most effective treatment i can prescribe.

    -Dr Saunders, 49

  • When i am training for a big race or that next event, i dont go anywhere without my Totally Spine & Back Tool™. Every morning for a few minutes and each night before bed. This makes such a big difference and I love it.

    - Kevin 26

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