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Studio Case™

Regular price $49.99 USD
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 With your "Studio Case™" you get:

 Signature HALO Lighting

✔  30 Mins of Full Brightness

✔ Studio Level Lighting

✔ Fully Rechargeable Light built into Studio Case™

✔ 1 Year Warranty


➤  Studio Case™  - It fits ALL iPhones up to the NEW iPhone 13Max built-in Camera LED flashlight.Switch release button allows you to switch between front and back camera lighting.Selfie Illuminated Luminous Flashlight flips upright for any iPhone front camera and locks in place for back camera.

➤  Professional Grade Lighting

➤ Fully Rechargeable - Your Studio Case™  comes with micro USB charging cord. Regardless of your phone’s battery it will always shine bright.



➤ 3 Lighting Modes - Warm, Natural and Cold.This surprisingly capable button lets you easily turn the ring light on or off, as well as adjust its warmth and brightness, so you can always put yourself in the best quality light.



Stand Function: the Studio Case™   can be used as kickstand, allowing hands-free, using your cell phone from any angles comfortably.


➤  Getting you an outstanding look when doing makeup, live streaming, YouTube video,Tik Tok, vlog, selfie and video chat, etc.


➤  Includes: Studio Case™ , Charging Chord & Plexi-Glass Screen Cover!