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Octopod Tripod

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Flexible Camera Tripod

 Whether you are a professional photographer or an amateur photographer, taking awesome either pictures or videos is quite easy once equipped with small flexible


360 Degree Rotation Ball Head: ensures 360 degree shooting perspective, allows you to take photos at any angle horizontally and vertically, helps you quickly find the balance of the rack, confirm the accuracy of the shooting, and achieve the perfect composition.

Durable: Made from the high density continuous rubberized legs to the Solid Aluminum smooth as butter Ball Head Mount. The Professional Sturdy Tripod of three leg angle positions provide flexibility and enable shooting in cramped quarters or on irregular surface areas.It's easy for you to choose a good angle and shoot better scenery alone.When used in the DSLR camera, no worries of being broken.

Flexible and Strong: Flexible tripod legs which allow you to angle your phone in various angles while capturing those special moments. You can also wrap it anywhere you can think of,put your tripod on a table, around a pole, or even hanging from a tree branch, ensuring you have a stable shot, achieving amazing pictures from a variety of cool different angles.

OCTOPUS STYLE Designed Tripod Mount-Compact lightweight tripod equipped with non skid continuous rubberized feet for extra solid grip, capture pictures or cinematic videos with superior stability.Weighing in at 230g and measuring 7.78 inches ,easy to fit in your backpack. Provides go-anywhere convenience for demanding photographers.


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