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Gravity Pillow Neck Massager

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Gravity Pillow
  • 1. Humanized Design: Ergonomic formula supports the cervical spine. Rest comfortably for a few minutes, allowing you to release stress and tension. Accurately align the position of the massage muscles. When the user relaxes and settles down, the gravity of the head is used to produce the natural pulling and stretching effect. After precise alignment, the user can relax and massage the muscles while rocking the neck from side to side.
  • 2 Deeply relax the muscles: evenly massage the head gravity, acupressure and physical muscle massage to better relieve neck, shoulder and back muscle pain ,. Protects the cervical spine and relieves pressure.
  • 3. Various ways of use: massage pillows can relax in bed, effectively relieve neck pain and correct the neck. It can also be placed on the seat. It helps to stimulate the "western muscles", promotes the circulation of the western nerves to the eyes and effectively relieves eye fatigue.
  • 4. Quick and convenient: use 10-20 minutes a day, gently stretch, relax and restore the position of the neck and shoulders. Without energy, health and safety, you can sit up in bed and read a book or watch TV. You can use it at work or even while driving.