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Portable Photo Studio Box

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Portable Photo Studio Box

Portable design,easy to store and carry, suits for shooting high quality picture for  products!


Coming with 2* 20 pcs high-quality imported SMD LED beads provides enough brightness for shooting and 105 cm Micro USB Cable New Design Simple USB Hub, Which Can Make it a Little Easier When Using Both light Bars which fulfils the needs of most product photography.

➤ The studio is designed for small items of photography enthusiasts, artists and other online sellers, professionals and product advertising client and 6 different colors backgrounds are included, can make different shooting effect.

➤ 2 opening options allow photographing in any angle. Allows you to shoot the every Angle and brightness of the product , more perfect suddenly product features and beauty.

➤ Easy to carry for storage, no bigger than a piece of paper, you can assemble your own photo studio In short time, and easy to unfold this LED light box studio and place it on any surface



➤ Specification:


LED Quantity: 2*20 PCS

Lumen: 2 * 550LM

Power: 7W Power Supply: 5V

Material: Nylon Cloth

Folded Size: 23*23*1.5cm / 9.06*9.06*0.59inch

Unfolded Size: 22*23*24cm / 8.66*9.06*9.45inch



➤ Package Include:


1* USB Cables.

2 * LED Lighting Strip

1 * Carrying Bag

1 * Shooting Tent

1* Product Specification

6 * Background(Black,White,Green,Red,Orange,Blue)